The Golden Era, 2 (2020)

11.8x11.8 in ~ Collages, Acrylic, Ballpoint pen, Conté, Enamel, Gel pen, Ink, Marker, Pencil, Collages


1974, Romania - the communist regime proclaims the new golden era, one where the leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, invented the presidential scepter (as Salvador Dali observed!). But that era, led by some very stupid and bad intended persons, will become a very ugly period in the history of my country. A short time after, lots of people don't have what to buy from the stores - no food, no gas or petroleum, no bread, etc.
I've made two collages to remember those times - the portraits of some personalities of the communist regime, with a lot of quotes in Russian, with golden foil...
This is the second composition from a large series, I hope!


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