Reverie No 5 - Red (2022)

27.6x19.7 in ~ Printmaking, Acrylic, Graphite, Ink, Marker, Pencil, Digital Print, Lithography, Screenprinting, Digital Painting, Photo Montage, Collages


I dream a lot, sometimes even with open eyes - I have a lot of reasons to consider that we live in a nasty reality so I try to reinvent the world, to paint lots of spaces with my reveries, to add beauty to our reality, to play with various colors and different shapes, to show you a new vision each time when I publish something here!
Rev 05 is my reverie no one, red (sic!)...
This series is an homage to that extraordinary band named Traffic - the verses from their awesome song „Dear Mister Fantasy” are on every composition, as you may discover!


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