Nowhere Esplanada (2020)

9.8x9.8x0.3 in ~ Collages, Acrylic, Ballpoint pen, Enamel, Encaustic, Gel pen, Ink, Marker, Pencil, Collages

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Nowhere Esplanada is a magical place in the middle of a fairytale named Dada City (Moinesti), Romania! This is the place of birth of Tristan Tzara (1896, Moinesti - 1963, Paris), one of the founders of Dadaism, a dizzy person, a lunatic, a sorcerer who mix imagination with fantasies and an incredible poet!
At this point, on Nowhere Esplanada, I continue to meet him every day (he returned home!) and to discuss with him about new dementia appeared in our world, almost the same as that craziness who conquer the world during the first world war...


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