Illustrative poetry (2019)

31.5x31.5 in ~ Printmaking, Digital Print, Embossing, Linocuts, Collages, 2D Digital Work, Digital Painting, Photo Montage


A digital painting (made with a program named Corel Photo-Paint). I've always loved poetry and I have many authors that I read again and again. This artwork is dedicated to all of them: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Edoardo Sanguineti, e. e. cummings, Eugenio Montale, Cristian Popescu, Aurel Dumitrascu, Excilia Saldana... oh, many, many others!
If you want, if you cannot abstain and you really want to discover a new and different world each day... well, it is simple, you have to enter into the universe that I've created with imagination and illusions and fantasies and colors and poetry and beauty and so on, you name it! It's easy, no doubts!
It can be printed on canvas (as a unique piece of art, no copies!), sealed, framed and sent to any client who wants to discover a new and different world each day - on his/her wall...


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