Heroes' Triptych (2) (2020)

13.8x11x0.2 in ~ Collages, Acrylic, Ballpoint pen, Conté, Gel pen, Ink, Marker, Pencil, Spray paint, Collages

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We had in Moinesti (and will continue to have) an International Festival dedicated to Tristan Tzara and to the Dadaist Culture, each year in April; one year ago, a very good friend from Switzerland named Paul Dorn (as a dadaist artist he is known as St. Pauli) made a show playing with the Romanian word EROILOR (in English, to the Heroes): he wrote that word on cardboard with stamps and blue ink, in a column, and each time when he wrote a row he changed one letter of the word - EROILOR (on the first row), AROILOR (on the second), IROILOR (on the third) and so on; after that, he read this picto-poem (a dadaist therm who means a painted poem) and the effect was great.
Now, I've stolen that cardboard, and I've used it as a background for three collages about that event and about St. Pauli, a triptych, the Heroes' Triptych! What do you think?


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