Heroes' Triptych (1) (2020)

13.8x11 in ~ Collages, Acrylic, Ballpoint pen, Conté, Gel pen, Ink, Marker, Pencil, Spray paint, Collages


We had in Moinesti (and will continue to have) an International Festival dedicated to Tristan Tzara and to the Dadaist Culture, each year in April; one year ago, a very good friend from Switzerland named Paul Dorn (as a dadaist artist he is known as St. Pauli) made a show playing with the Romanian word EROILOR (in English, to the Heroes): he wrote that word on cardboard with stamps and blue ink, in a column, and each time when he wrote a row he changed one letter of the word - EROILOR (on the first row), AROILOR (on the second), IROILOR (on the third) and so on; after that, he read this picto-poem (a dadaist therm who means a painted poem) and the effect was great.
Now, I've stolen that cardboard, and I've used it as a background for three collages about that event and about St. Pauli, a triptych, the Heroes' Triptych! What do you think?


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