Paintings & Mixed Media Visions
123 artworks

Here you'll discover artworks made with imagination and fantasy! Generally, I prefer to work on a wooden panel but I also have pieces of art made on canvas or on cardboard; I use acrylic paint, wax crayons, charcoal, colored pencils, colored markers and sprays (also with acrylic paint), different kind of papers (as textures, depth, smoothness, etc.), fabric with a lot of trims, different kind of images (from old/new magazines, encyclopedias, books, albums, etc.), old/new pictures/postcards, scr

The Dada Alphabet
27 artworks

This was (and still is) a long-term project and I'm really proud to declare that my work is quite close to the finish line - so I will start to publish here the images for each letter, for the beginning the Z letter, and after the Y letter and so on - 26 images for those 26 letters of the alphabet plus one image for a great cover of this series... In the end, the entire series will be available to be bought as a special offer, 100 euros less per piece if you buy the entire series! I don't know,

Analog Collages
36 artworks

I have a deep fascination for the alchemical game of cut and paste, of glue and scissors, of imagination and fantasies...

Digital Territories
66 artworks

There are lots of free resources on the internet: pictures (portraits, landscapes, composition, etc.), fonts, digital brushes, add-ons, o-la-la! I've considered that such great offers, combined with some personal fantasies and various colorful dreams, worth to be showed as an experiment about my imagination...

50 artworks

These compositions are my digital paintings printed with a professional CMYK printer on a very qualitative canvas as you may see in the pictures. The canvas is mounted/stretched on a solid wooden cadre. At your request, I can send you the composition with an elegant suited frame...

Paintings & Digital Dreams
44 artworks

All kinds of fantasies full of imagination, with a little bit of (digital) magic alchemy...

My adventures with Mr. Black
8 artworks

This will be a special gallery where you will discover various compositions in black (ink, most of the time - but also acrylic or materials, etc.) that I've made on special paper as you may see in the posted images. I think that black is a color with something magic, a very majestic one, elegant ant fancy on almost any surface...

Maps from a secret geography
13 artworks

The imagination has some incredible territories, made with fantasy, warm colors, and magic shapes. As a tenacious cartographer, I made detailed maps of secret geography - the special science that will describe those incredible territories!

Random Photography
6 artworks

Different photographs, various happenings, some dreams, a little bit of fantasy, drops of alchemy, beautiful colors... you understand, right?

Fantasy vs. Imagination
4 artworks

Some different thoughts mixed with various colors, sentiments, shapes, visions. A gift from the muses for my solid trust in their powers and commands - a spell I cannot break or banish. A hard attempt to transform my dreams into reality and the reality into an artwork - you have to tell me if I succeeded or not...

Digital Collages
34 artworks

Most of the time, I start with a drawn sketch... and then I really love to continue with some special programs for digitally finish the composition(s), CorelDraw, Designer Pro, and Paint Shop Pro! Of course, I have licenses for all this hardware, I have even an international master to use such editing images with magical & alchemical witchcrafts, right? I've liked to believe that I illustrate a fairytale after I had a lot of discussions with myself, the author...

Collages from the XIX Th century
11 artworks

I have a warm nostalgia or a deep melancholy (or both!) about the passed static times of the XIX Th century so I've imagined some collages from that era...

Ephemera - Design4All
10 artworks

Logo design for your T-shirts, mugs, walls, posters, companies, you name it...

Publicity & Advertising
19 artworks

I'm an experimented user of CorelDraw, and I make logos and icons, all kinds of promotional stuff like business cards, banners, ads, books' covers, flyers and etc., you name it! I succeed to mix the imagination with my fantasies - this is the recipe to win international contests where the clients want the best logo for their companies!

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