I offer you a secret entrance into my magical universe: my beliefs, my experiences, my dreams, and visions! I have an imaginary life hidden inside of my paintings and collages...


Viorel Florin Costea, aka DadaVFC — mixed media, digital, print(making)

I’m a dizzy bard, a wild dreamer, a clumsy alchemist, and a tenacious Dadaist, for sure! I run a dream store, it’s my atelier. What’s on offer, you ask? Imagination, fantasies, and visions - but I’m not selling them, I’m giving them away for free every single day.

Why a dizzy bard? Because I love poetry and my abstract compositions are illustrations of the poems in my mind that I love so much. Why a wild dreamer? Because I believe in a better world, without wars and battles for an unjust and crooked history, where only pure and beautiful feelings and beliefs are accepted and promoted, for lasting peace and wonderful harmony! Why a clumsy alchemist? I’m a stubborn artist, and I trust in the value of experimentation because what you think is wrong may be right – or vice-versa! I’m a tenacious Dadaist because I live in Moinești, Romania (in the region of Moldavia), the birthplace of Tristan Tzara (16 April 1896, Moinești – 25 December 1963, Paris) — one of the founders of Dadaism (Zurich, Switzerland, February 1916) and I do my best to keep his memory and his presence here alive! Moinești is also known internationally as Dada City Romania due to the presence of the Tzara Dada monument, which is dedicated to Tristan Tzara and the Dadaist movement, a monumental work by a famous Romanian-German sculptor named Ingo Glass, erected for the centennial anniversary of the birth of Tzara in 1996!  

So, on account of all of the above, my artwork is about my existence under some lucky stars, inside a magical universe! You must understand — I have a secret life hidden in all my paintings and (digital) collages. When I work in my atelier, I use all kinds of things that I find lying around: rubble and discarded bits of metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, burlap, or leather, combined with acrylic paint, ink, glue, medium gel, sprays, wax, gouaches, pens, liners, markers, old/new tickets, posters, flyers, and so on. You know, your trash is my treasure!

I’m a sorcerer too, I know all kinds of (digital) spells, charms, and incantations...Do I need to tell you more?


Robert Rauschenberg, Pic Adrian, Hannah Hoch, Victor Brauner, Yair Garbuz, Carmen Poenaru, Liviu Nedelcu, Mihai Chiuaru, Antoni Tapies, Mircea Bujor, Kurt Schwitters, Iosif Kiraly, Albert Oehlen


2009-2011 Master's in Communication and PR Vasile Alecsandri University, Bacau, Romania
2002-2007 Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu, Romania
Viorel Florin Costea (DadaVFC)

The artist at work

Artist value certified: Viorel Florin Costea (DadaVFC)'s works have been evaluated by an independent expert.

Certification 2019 : €450.00
Certification has been established by Jacques-Armand Akoun on Dec 2, 2019.
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Solo Expositions

2022 Stories about (a different) Alphabet - opening on February 25 DADA CITY (Moinesti), Moldavia, Romania

2021 Amazing Printmaking - Genesis Art Gallery Moinesti (Dada City), Romania

2021 AbracaDada Abstracts Moinesti (Dada City), Romania

2018 Dada's Experiment, Moinesti (Dada City), Romania

Collective Expositions

2021 Guests in the city of Tristan Tzara Moinesti, Genesis Art Gallery, Romania

2021 Ars Amatoria - MansArt Gallery Moinesti (Dada City), Romania

2020 Retrospectiva 2012-2020 Moinesti (Dada City), Romania

2020 Viva Dada '20 Dortmund, Germany

2019 Dada East - Tout Est Dada, Moinesti (Dada City), Romania

2014 Recycled Trophies, Tampa, Florida, United States

Permanent Collections

2022 DadAbstractions Municipality of Moinesti (Dada City) - Town Hall, Moldavia, Romania

2021 MALP Medical Center Moinesti (Dada City), Romania

2018 Dad'Art, Moinesti (Dada City) - Cultural Center, Romania

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